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Azienda Agricola Prencipe Antonia



The Azienda Agricola Prencipe Antonia was born at the beginning of the IX century in the Calderoso area, few miles from the city of St. Pius. Located in the Gargano National Park, the firm covers ca. 20 acres of olive groves. The graft of two different species of olives, coratina and ogliarola, is a special feature of our trees, which allows the creation of a natural and aromatic oil. In our traditional oil mill, the firm is engaged in the “cold pressing” (the so called “spremitura a freddo”) of olives using traditional granite mills and presses making our oil even more unique. Only few firms are able to process olives using traditional machines, indeed oils generally traded in the market are extracted using conventional methods, such as the so-called “continuous cycle” method. Cold pressing allows to reach a unique product and to guarantee the highest quality since it does not alter the organoleptic properties of oil.

Traditions & Oil-mill

Harvest is one of the most important step for the production of extra-virgin olive oil. The best period to proceed in the harvesting of olives is from early October to mid-November. Once it was hand picking, while nowadays olives are collected with the help of shakers or pickers, mechanical rakes with extendable rods that let olives fall from trees through the fast vibration of their opposing reeds. To avoid fermentative and enzymatic activities that degrade the quality of the oil, the fruits are ground within twenty-four hours of collection.

Following the harvesting phase, olives are milled to be transformed in oil. The organic olives picked are positioned inside the muller, an ancient machine with stone wheels, to be pressed. The uniform blend generated from cold pressing is distributed, through brakes, through presses formed by nylon diaphragms interspersed with iron discs. These presses, under a pressure of 400 bar, crush the blend and let the must (consisting of water and oil) outflow, while the pomace (consisting of pits and olive pulp) remains on the diaphragms to be discarded later on. Then, the must (at a temperature between 16 and 20 degrees) will be channelled into a separator taht will split oil from vegetation water thanks to the centrifugal force.

The extra virgin organic olive oil obtained is decanted for a few days before being bottled at our farm Azienda Agricola Prencipe Antonia.


Certified Organic Oil

The Azienda Agricola Prencipe Antonia aims at realizing a production process the more natural and biological possible. In our industry, “biological” refers to the concept of a pure organic agriculture.

We are seeking to find the balance between land, agriculture, environment and means of plant protection, managed by Bioagricertorganismo Tecnico Indipendente di Certificazione e di Controllo. Certifed BIO

In an era in which the use of pesticides, fertilizers, genetic engineering and technology lies in all production process since they facilitate the mass production at lower costs, our Organic Agriculture refers to a niche market more notable and prestigious.

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Tasting Elegance

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